Elements FR

Elements FR

Elements FR collection derives its inspiration from tasteful and chic interior trends that speaks to designers and consumers alike and evolves in a timeless way. This style is at home/in sync with a lifestyle where a refined taste and conscious decision making goes hand in hand. Rich and natural colour range, versatile textures and patterns come in play to create gorgeous window decorations. It brings subtly luxurious decorative fabrics combined with beautiful basics in natural look and feel, creating an atmosphere that is simply chic with a warm and welcoming vibe.

Elements for home

Elements affirms that beauty and safety come alive in our fabrics, making them desirable in every sense. Fabrics in this collection guarantees safety, durability and easy maintenance, and these are important features that is gaining more attention also in the residential sphere. We all want our interiors to look and feel great while giving us the utmost feeling of comfort and safety. The 100% FR fabrics in Elements FR collection are inherently flame retardant, washable with minimum to null shrinkage, excellent drape and durable making them desirable and commercial for everyone. Stunningly beautiful, easy and safe; what else?

 Elements for projects

Elements adds a new variety in FR quality to the impressive range of Kobe’s contract library. The fabrics range includes all the essential elements for window decoration typical to trendy styles in projects; plains and patterned curtains, transparents, dim-outs and black-outs. The fabrics can also be used for decorative items such as cushions and bed-runners. These fabrics have been tested and certified to fulfil all technical and FR norms and requirements in the contract industry.