The true essence of beauty

KOBE’s new collection GLOW accentuates the interplay of light with texture and colours on different fabrics and is all about a simple, incandescent elegance.

The fabrics in this collection are the epitome of simple elegance, including texturally rich plains and all-over organic patterns. The colours are rich and warm hues from the latest interior and fashion trends, enhanced by the natural texture of the fabrics. All fabrics in the collection are selected with  an eye on how they drape in the interior and play with light to create a warm and tasteful ambience.

Soft velvets with deep, intense colours take the spotlight in this collection. An exquisite lush thick-piled viscose velvet with Batik styled pattern and a short pile matte velvet with an intricate metallic foil print add to KOBE’s velvet legacy. These velvets are the epitome of GLOW, light being absorbed and reflected on rich velvet pile to create stunning interiors. The concept is further strengthened by a sophisticated wide-width faux silk, a short piled contemporary chenille and a metallic textured sheer.