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About Essentials

Essentials, as the name says are the must-have’s for every interior professional. These are the curtains, sheers and in-betweens that are developed with a keen attention to high quality at affordable prices. Plains and basics, textures and patterns in wide-width qualities that will remain timeless in their styles and usage are the highlight products.

The fabrics are designed to fit a wide range of interior styles and drapes. Natural touch, softness, drape quality and easy care properties are the key standards our product development team have focused on beside of course the look and feel of the fabrics.

The colour palette is a mix of naturals, basics and accent colours that allow for creative styling.


All ESSENTIALS curtains and sheers are wide-width. Wide-width fabrics are great for seamless sewing and requires less confection wastage. Many plains are also usable as Roman Blinds and can be turned on both height and width.


All ESSENTIALS fabrics have Easy-Care properties and matches all interior styles with a wide a range of texture and colours.


All ESSENTIALS fabrics have very attractive prices; great value for money and luxury at an affordable price!