Look of the month February - Hotel Chic

This month our stylists have created a ‘hotel chic’ styled bedroom, inspired by the recurring trend of creating stylish hotel styled bedrooms in homes. We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so why not do that in style and give ourselves a holiday like treat? Comfort and luxury is central to this look, with opulent velvets, chic accessories and stylish touches in the décor. Products featured in this look are our AZORA FR, a wide-width woven velvet and AKILA FR, our new Easy & Safe stain-free FR upholstery.

Colour Palette:

We have gone for strong, statement colours. Rich bordeaux and deep olive green tones are mixed with soft chalky pink. Rosé gold and terra tones complement this palette to create a warm, luxury vibe.


Comfort first, always

Never compromise comfort for style. Comfort is the biggest luxury. Focus first on getting the most comfortable layout, bed and furniture. Once that is sorted, create a personal style statement that resonates with you. For inspiration, you can look at hotel rooms online or get expert advice from your local Kobe stockiest or designer.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMFEB2023 comfort voorop.png

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMFEB2023 rijke, warme kleuren en stof.png

Rich, warm colours and textiles

Rich, warm colours create a luxurious vibe, immediately uplifting the room and giving it character. Lush velvets are great to create a chic, opulent look. Mix textures and patterns themed around one central colour to create a strong statement. Make sure that you have the right ambient lighting to get the right effect of the colours. Kobe’s dim-outs and velvets are great for curtains, blocking the daylight while adding to the look.

Accent walls, accessories and more

Nothing says hotel-chic like an accent wall. Whether it is a layer of accent colour paint, a striking wall covering or paneling, an accent wall gives the perfect backdrop to create a stylish bed room. Indulge with a layered look on the bed with headboard, duvets, coverlets, throws and pillows. Create a colour and texture combination with Kobe’s easy to combine fabric ranges. Soft plush carpets and metallic touches in accessories bring this look together.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMFEB2023 accentmuren.png