Look of the month January - Sustainable Essentials

First of all, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! We look forward to a brand new year with you.

This month, our look is focused on sustainability as a key subject for interior decoration. This look is created with our new fabrics Sering and Axium FR, which are both woven with recycled yarns. The setting is a natural, simple interior style with a minimalistic approach in decoration, using natural elements like clay, wood and live plants.
Sering is a faux-linen in-between from our Essentials collection that matches perfectly with the stain-free FR multi-coloured bouclé upholstery Axium from our EASY & SAFE collection.
Colour palette:
Natural, Earth tones are in highlight in this colour palette. Tones of sandy beige, brown and grey on crème back drop create a simple, elegant harmony.


Choose sustainability

Sustainable use of materials remains a key focus for all of us. Go for high-quality products that are durable, sourced sustainably and with less carbon footprint. Kobe’s fabrics that are produced with recycled content and in environment friendly processes add not only to our efforts for a sustainable future but also create stylish interior statements.

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Natural elegance

Decorative elements add to the personality of the room. Natural materials like reclaimed wood, clay and live plants are great for this look, tasteful in a simple, refined way.

Stay Energy (and cost) efficient

Maximize natural day light by using elegant sheers that allow substantial light transfusion while giving privacy. A wide range of fabrics including densely woven closed curtains , velvets, chenilles and dimouts have high insulation property, making them perfect for saving energy, and costs. Our sturdy, durable upholstery fabrics are created with focus on extensive use, easy to clean and maintain in a busy household or commercial areas. Timeless interior styling created with sustainable products that have low carbon footprint, save energy and will last a long time is the way to go.

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