Look of the month May

The Essentials for home

This month we are taking inspiration from our Essentials collections, with this clean, simple and open look featuring our new Essentials fabric CARBON in a wave-track drape. This look highlights the key characteristics of our Essentials collections – a simple understated elegance created with easy going wide-width fabrics in a soft neutral colour combination. The concept in this look focuses on maximizing the height of the room and the windows, with a less is more philosophy on the décor elements.

Colour palette:

A contemporary natural colour palette is created with soft neutral tones of grey, beige and white with accents of light green. This colour palette accentuates the height of the room, allowing the key elements to pop out.

LOTM-Mei-2022-JPG RGB HIGH.jpg

Use the height

Use wide-width fabrics to drape from ceiling to floor to emphasize the height of the window. Most of our wide-widths can also be turned for extra high ceilings.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2022-use the height.png

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2022-use the height2.png

Use the space

Use interior décor elements to accentuate the style with optimal use of space. For a contemporary, clean look, keep the room clutter-free with only the essential elements in the right size and placing.

Use accent colours

Accent colours liven up the room and add to the interior style, even with the smallest touch. Especially when working with an earth-toned, sparsely/minimalistically decorated space, a pop of colour will give the room a much needed visual boost. An accent wall, a lounge chair, cushions, art work and plants are great way to add colours to the interior.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2022- accent colours.png