Look of the month November - Winter blues

How quickly did autumn turn into winter?

A sudden onslaught of cold, grey weather outside, especially after such a spectacularly warm summer, can affect our moods and really bring on the winter blues! However, it is also the time of the year where we (can) enjoy the comfort and warmth of our homes more than ever.
Our look this month is all about taking pleasure in staying indoors comfortably. Bring out the warm blankets and fluffy winter pantoffles, get a warm cup of tea, snuggle op and chase away your winter blues with a cosy winter décor in a cocoon of comfort and warmth. Featured in this winter-inspired look is our newest dim-out Trench FR, which is not only great for keeping the day light out but also for keeping the warmth in.

Colour Palette:

Our stylists have gone with the colour concept that is inspired by the ‘winter blues’; soft, cold tones of blue combined with warm earth tones to create a perfect winter colour palette.

LOTM-NOV-2022-RGB mid.jpg

Curtains insulate

Curtains, specially textural fabrics like velvets, wool mix and voluminous blends have properties of insulation, preventing heat loss from the windows. Special fabrics like dim-outs which are heavier than other curtains also preserves warmth. Lining the curtain is a good way to not only protect the curtain against sunlight but also to add insulation.



Banish the winter blues

Banish winter blues by switching up room schemes to incorporate warmth and cosiness. During seasonal changes, especially in winter, a new look also uplift the mood. Add warm interior accessories, candles and lamps to maximize warm light, use of mirrors to enhance the light, thick carpets and a snug comfort corner to get comfy this winter. Don’t forget to add leafy greens and winter blossoms as natural mood enhancers!

Lighter colours

As it gets darker outside, lighter colours lift up the room, especially in combination with warm light from lamps or fire place. Go for cooler tones on larger surfaces with accents of warm colours to create a welcoming, pleasant vibe.