Look of the month October - Autumn mélange

Look of the month October - Autumn mélange

And just like that October is here, with autumn all around us.

Autumn has a bitter-sweet vibe. On one hand, summer and long sunny days are over, but on the other hand, nature goes through a mesmerizing transformation that also makes it the most beautiful time of the year. Nature around bursts with colours blending into each other in a spectacular mélange. Our stylists have chosen a range of autumn colours from our newest products to re-create this mélange.

Colour Pallet:

A mix of warm, autumn inspired colours; tones of red, orange, brown, gold, dark sage green and earthy tones are featured for this month’s look.


Get snuggly

The important thing for autumnal décor is to add warmth and comfort, which is the main vibe of the season. In other words, get snuggly. Go for autumnal elements and colours that immediately add the seasonal spirit to your interior. 

                                                                             1. Kussentjes.png


Bring Natural elements from outside

Nature gives us a lot of decorative bounty that add the seasonal feeling to the interiors. Seasonal fruits like apples, pears or nuts, pumpkins, or natural elements like a bouquet of autumn florals or dried flowers, leaves or twigs will immediately bring the outside vibe to your interior. Ambience lighting, candles and firewood signal the season change. Scented candles with autumn scents will elevate the sensual seasonal feel. 

Warm, textured fabrics

Textured fabrics in warm colours are great for the season. Layer textures, patterns and colours in your interior. Velvets in deep, rich autumn tones combined with textures and patterns will create the perfect autumn look. Create a comfort corner that invites you to cosily hang-out with your family or simply relax on your own. Add woven baskets with pillows, blankets and throws to match the season.

3. Gordijnen in herfst palet.png