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Wide-width / Room-HIgh fabrics

What are
wide-width fabrics? 

Wide-width fabrics are Room-High fabrics. On wide-width fabrics the pattern is woven/printed horizontally across the fabric, unlike single width fabrics, where the patterns are created vertically. Wide-width range in KOBE are mostly more than 300 cm high, i.e. Room-High.

On standard window heights, using single width curtains means that you will need to sew two pieces of fabric to match the width of the window. This creates a seam which takes away from the beauty of the curtain. Especially when there is a pattern, matching the pattern across the width then becomes an issue! You may need to order extra material in order to cut the pieces exactly to match together.

So to get the width you need, it may mean matching patterns and sewing seams, which is not only time consuming, but can be expensive as well.

Wide-width fabrics:

Wide-width fabrics compared with single width fabrics:

Ideal for wave track
and patterns

This is where wide-width fabrics are ideal. Wide-width fabrics are usually 280 – 315cm wide. Because the pattern runs horizontally, you can calculate and order precisely the amount of fabric needed to fit across the window and have it sewn to the desired style on the top and bottom. You don’t have to worry that you will get a curtain where patterns do not match across the window with the naturally matching pattern of a wide-width curtain. They can also be lead-weighted, making them drape even more beautifully with equal folds.

Wide-width fabrics are also ideal for Roman blinds and the ‘wave track’ curtain system that is very popular today.