This collection is based on innovations in use of materials. A variety of materials are used to create products with interesting and exquisite end results that prickle the senses; both visual and tactile. Nature and its wonders have been a key source of inspiration. Creative combinations of yarns, coloring and weaving techniques create lively designs. These artistic designs and creative detailing are central to SENSES collection, exuding a sense of pure and natural elegance.

Products have been created with attention on the look, feel and drape with an essence of comfort and design. Senses allows us to slow down and enjoy the luxury of simplicity and craftsmanship, creating unique personal interiors.

Most of the fabrics in the Senses collection are woven with natural yarns giving the collection its purity in natural feel and effortless drape. Various binding techniques with multi coloured yarns are used to create the intricate details in the patterns and base cloths. Colours portrayed in this collection add to the depth of the patterns and create a capturing allure. Soft and fresh natural tones are balanced with warm and rich hues.

Senses has a beautiful diversity in its patterns – in the intricate detailing lies the simplicity and elegance. Every pattern has an alluring appeal inviting the onlooker for a closer look. Luxuriously room high fabrics with minimum 300 cm widths are accompanied with a beautiful multi-coloured wool and innovative jacquard print in curtain width. Eye-catching batik, fluid marble, soft ombre color strokes and natural textures are complemented by rich nature inspired patterns. There is an intriguing colour play and depth on the patterns adding to the exquisiteness of this collection.

This collection is a great addition to KOBE’s design must haves, with exciting new patterns and textures, inviting interior design enthusiasts to discover a creative artistry in soft furnishing.